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Camping in Lackawanna County


Sleep under the stars and bask in the natural splendor of Lackawanna County's great outdoors! Our region is nestled in the scenic landscapes near Scranton, PA, featuring mountainous backdrops, rushing streams, and lush meadows dotted with swaying flowers. Set up your camp within the sheltering embrace of tall forest trees, unfold your lawn chairs by a crackling fire, and unwind with Mother Nature during your stay.


Offering some of the best camping experiences in Pennsylvania, our area boasts a variety of well-maintained sites with abundant amenities and access to stunning natural wonders. Whether you're searching for a camping spot near Scranton or exploring the far corners of Lackawanna County, you're sure to find the perfect setting. This region provides a refreshing retreat and easy access to the rich history and attractions of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA), catering to both adventurous spirits and those in search of tranquility.


Happy Campers

Camping in Northeastern Pennsylvania offers many fun and exciting activities! You can feel the cool breeze from the water while kayaking and paddleboarding, reach your peaks on a hiking or mountain biking adventure, get some peace and tranquility on a fishing trip, and take soothing nature walks.

Unwind in the cool evening temperatures after your adventurous day by reading a book, listening to music, going stargazing, or relaxing. After a fun day in our Lackawanna County campgrounds, you'll want to sleep like a log!

Camping Tips

  • Check your campsite's amenities before arrival.
  • Bring extra clothing, blankets, and other linen. Don't forget rain gear (boots, ponchos, umbrellas, canopies, etc.) in case of showers in the forecast.
  • Use games, books, sporting goods, and more to keep yourself entertained.
  • Use a cooler to keep drinks, food, and snacks cold! Bring cooking utensils and firewood if you're planning on cooking over the campfire.
  • Relax at the campsite by bringing lawn chairs, a folding table, and a hammock!


Escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, whether you prefer the rustic charm of a tent, the cozy comforts of a cottage, the convenience of a camper or RV, or the unique experience of a yurt. Find your perfect getaway in our expansive great outdoors.


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