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Reaper's Revenge

A haunted adventure not for the faint of heart, Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction features five unique world-class terrifying attractions, completed sequentially, with a variety of food, merchandise, and entertainment options that allow guests to enjoy an entire evening on the infamous “Reaper’s Mountain.”


An immersive spectacle of horror that is filled with nonstop action, spine-tingling scares, and endless surprises, guests will face their darkest fears in a show that lasts over an hour and a half, exceeding industry standards set by other haunted attractions.

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Test Your Fate


Experience the ultimate test of courage at Reaper’s Revenge, a large 65-acre haunted attraction that will push your limits. With five fearsome attractions, each step plunges you deeper into the mysteries of the dark. Conveniently located near New York and New Jersey, Reaper’s Revenge is the perfect Halloween destination for thrill-seekers. Think you're brave enough to endure this horrifying experience?

Haunted Hayride

Embark on a 66-acre journey aboard a tractor-pulled hay wagon. What starts as a safe ride quickly becomes the scariest time of your life! As you delve deeper into Reaper’s Forest, prepare for soul-searching creatures and bloodthirsty zombies at every turn. Brace yourself for the most horrifying ride — it might be your last!

Lost Carnival

Next, venture into the Lost Carnival, a sideshow of twisted freaks, clowns, and oddities. This is no ordinary circus; its demented inhabitants are waiting for you, their audience. If you're lucky, you might reach the Tunnel of Love to escape — but what awaits on the other side?



Step into a world where reality twists and turns, with scares coming from every direction. Do you have what it takes to navigate this altered dimension? This attraction reaches new levels of fear. Be very afraid!


Pitch Black

Built in 1862, Pitch Black Inc. was once a bustling light bulb factory. After a tragic electrical accident in 1924 killed Mr. Black's wife and many workers, the factory shut down. Yet, locals claim it remains active, despite the lights being off for years. Some brave souls have ventured in, never to return. Enter at your own risk — you have been warned!


Sector 13

After a bio-nuclear attack on the Eastern US, you escape to Sector 13, the last bridge to the "normal" West. Designed to contain mutants, Sector 13 is filled with new terrors. Can you navigate the maze to safety, or will you reach a dead end? In this intense, high-stakes maze, there's no turning back!


Hot Tips

• Not recommended for children under the age of 10.
• Arrive early to beat the rush.
• Purchase VIP tickets to shorten your wait.
• There are no refunds if someone decides to not finish the haunt.
• Individual attraction pricing is not available. The attractions are experienced in sequence.
• The experience lasts about 90-minutes.
• Shoes must be worn at all times. No high heels, flip flops or sandals. Dress appropriately for the weather.
• Food is available for purchase in the commerce area.


Hours of Operation

September 28, 2024 - November 2, 2024

You must be in the parking lot before the box office closes. Reaper's Revenge attractions will remain open until everyone has seen the show.

Reaper's Revenge Schedule


Lil Grim's Family Fun Hayride

Reaper's Revenge is thrilled to announce an exciting new attraction for families this fall: Lil Grim's Family Fun Hayride! Families and little ones can experience the beauty of the hayride in daylight, with fun activities at every turn.

Lil Grim's Family Fun Hayride at Reaper's Revenge will feature 

• Face painting
• Pumpkin giveaways
• Food and drinks
• A walk through the 3D attraction, all without any scares!


Address & Parking

GPS ADDRESS: 460 Green Grove Road, Olyphant, PA 18447

PHONE: (570) 254-8038

PARKING: $3 cash-only fee. Carpool suggested to avoid multiple parking charges.

We recommend confirming operating hours and getting up-to-date info directly with the venue prior to your visit.


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