In the heart of Scranton lies a gem of cultural enrichment, a beacon of creativity, and a hub of community spirit—the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple. As you traverse the lively streets of this historic city, the grandeur of the Masonic Temple stands tall, inviting you to explore its myriad wonders and revel in its diverse offerings.


Events at the Cultural Center

Throughout the year, the Scranton Cultural Center pulsates with energy, hosting an eclectic array of events that cater to every taste and passion. Whether you're drawn to compelling theater shows, dynamic musical concerts, side-splitting comedy shows, graceful dance performances, delicious culinary tastings, or even special occasions like weddings, craft fairs, paranormal investigations, or behind-the-scenes tours, there's something for everyone to immerse themselves in and cherish. This magnificent venue isn't just a building; it's a sanctuary where dreams are realized, talents are celebrated, and memories are etched into the fabric of our lives.

Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple


Broadway in Scranton

As the old saying goes, “If you can play Scranton, you can play anywhere.” Prepare to be spellbound as the curtains rise and the stage comes alive with the mesmerizing allure of Broadway productions. Experience the thrill of world-class performances right here in our beloved city, where the magic of theater transcends boundaries and captivates hearts. Whether you're a seasoned theater aficionado or a newcomer eager to embark on a theatrical journey, Broadway in Scranton promises an unforgettable experience that ignites the soul and sparks the imagination. Don't miss out on the upcoming showstoppers – check out when these must-see performances are taking center stage!

Broadway In Scranton_RENT5


Gems Near the Cultural Center

But the allure of Scranton doesn't end at the theater doors. As you venture beyond the Cultural Center's walls, you'll discover a culinary landscape rich in flavor and diversity. From quaint cafés serving artisanal delights to upscale eateries tantalizing your taste buds with gourmet cuisine, Scranton's culinary scene is a feast for the senses. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes crafted with passion and precision, and savor the culinary symphony that unfolds with each delectable bite.

After a day filled with cultural delights and culinary adventures, unwind in comfort and style at one of the many hotels nestled in the Greater Scranton Area. From cozy bed-and-breakfasts exuding old-world charm to modern hotels offering luxurious amenities, there's no shortage of accommodations to suit every preference and budget. Rest easy knowing that your stay in Scranton will be marked by warmth, hospitality, and unparalleled comfort.


The Scranton Cultural Center is more than just a venue—it's a celebration of the arts, a testament to the city's vibrant spirit, and a gathering place for all who seek inspiration and connection. So, come one, come all, and let the magic of Scranton unfold before your eyes. Embrace the possibilities, ignite your passions, and embark on a journey of discovery unlike any other. The stage is set, the lights are aglow, and the wonders of Scranton await.