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Winter…Chase the Chill in NEPA!

Whether your idea of chasing a chill during winter involves pursuing rosy cheeks and dodging snowflakes or warming up by a roaring fire, Northeastern Pennsylvania has exactly what you most enjoy!

Outdoor enthusiasts find that our area's ski trails and pristine walking trails that wind through old forests guarantee more than enough choices to satisfy any outdoor lover. Ski slopes boast natural snow pack that is augmented by the best man-made snow the industry can offer; snow shoeing and hiking use the paths in recreation areas that are enjoyed by hikers during the more temperate months. Fire pits created to capitalize on the glow of moonlight shining on snow covered grounds, ice fishing and ice skating are a few of the winter activities that abound in NEPA. Area resorts offer many of these activities for their guests and information about independent winter activities is available at local media outlets or the Visitors' Bureau.

Any day spent breathing the crisp, clean mountain air and enjoying the athletic challenges of the season is best capped with a delicious gourmet dinner accompanied by fine wine and carefully brewed steaming coffee! Restaurants, bistros and coffeehouses throughout the area routinely adjust their menus to insure that winter chills are chased away quickly…and replaced with the satisfied glow that follows a meal crafted by skilled chefs using quality local ingredients.

NEPA glistens in winter! Come visit and discover why the cooler temperatures are an invitation to adventure in Northeast Pennsylvania!