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A Lackawanna County Winter is Heart Warming

Outdoor enthusiasts find our area’s ski trails and pristine walking trails wind through old forests; they guarantee the chance to actually hear your feet make patterns in the crisp, crusty top layer of snow.

The whirring sound of ski lifts carrying visitors to the top of area slopes for downhill slaloms is heard at every regional mountain resort. The slopes boast natural snow pack that is augmented by the best man-made snow the industry can offer; snow shoeing and hiking guests use the paths in recreation areas that are enjoyed by hikers during the more temperate months.

The laughter of children fills the air as they sled down the hills in county parks. Fire pits compliment the glow of moonlight shining on snow covered grounds.

Days spent in outdoor activities can’t help but make you hungry and the restaurant scene in Lackawanna County is varied. It can satisfy any taste or preference from vegan to steak lovers. Small local bistros, trendy neighborhood restaurants, and warm, inviting coffee shops and bars all celebrate the winter with rib-sticking, hearty menu offerings and soul-warming beverages. In Lackawanna County, the regional food is well-prepared and served with the local hospitality that makes visitors feel as if they have found their second home.