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A Pennsylvania Autumn is Breathtaking

The northeast corner of Pennsylvania transforms into splashes of crimson, aubergine, and apricot when trees change color. Whether viewed on a fall foliage train excursion or by walking through the woods, the spectacle is extraordinary.

But visitors quickly see that there is so much more to do on a fall weekend getaway in Lackawanna County than view beautiful scenery! Local farmers create complex corn mazes to delight visitors. After finding your way through a maze, you can sample some freshly pressed apple cider and munch on a pumpkin doughnut. Visitors love the area’s many “pick your own pumpkin” patches. Load into a wagon and bounce happily into a field filled with thousands of orange pumpkins, just waiting to find their “forever homes”!

Fall weekends host ethnic festivals celebrating immigrant cultures and feature food, dance, art, and crafts from “the old countries”, no passport needed. If you’re lucky, an outdoor bonfire will illuminate the night and cap your evening with a glow.

Autumn absolutely means Halloween! Lackawanna County is home to the Houdini Museum, the only space in the world dedicated to the spirit of the famous magician. Lackawanna County’s long history and its past filled with “unusual” happenings have led some to see it as one of the most haunted areas in the country.We’ll leave that final decision up to you! But, truly, if spirits from the past still choose to stay in Lackawanna County, it might be that they know what you’ll discover: once you visit us, it’s hard to leave!