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Black Diamond

Lackawanna County is not only known for its trains, but it’s also known for being built over hundreds of miles of coal mines. Explore our coal mines and how they fueled the American Industrial Revolution.




>> Venture 300 feet under the Earth’s surface in a coal car for a guided tour of a once active coal mine at the Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour. The guide will explain a typical workday for the miners and the harsh working conditions from explosions to canaries.

>> Next door is the Anthracite Heritage Museum with exhibits and artifacts that bring an understanding to a miner’s family life once he came out of the mine. Witness a model of a coal miner’s home, church, and even the local pub.

>> Continue your journey through the Industrial Revolution and marvel at the stone structures of the Iron Furnaces. Make your final stop at Steamtown National Historic Site to learn how coal was used to power the massive steam trains. 

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