Various photos of youth activities in Lackawanna County, PA.

Youth Travel

Lackawanna County is the perfect place for student and youth groups to travel to. Our area boasts a vibrant city that hosts endless historical attractions, performance theaters, group dining, and festivals, and a countryside where you can hike, canoe, and have so many other outdoor adventures. Get ideas from our pre-established itineraries or create your own for a trip that will make you the cool teacher!

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Jessup's Saint Ubaldo Day "Race of the Saints" in Lackawanna County, PA.
Find your favorite annual event or discover new happenings taking place. The Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau has made it easy for you with our Events Calendar to get the scoop when activities are announced!
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Performers of Hair the Broadway in Scranton Musical
The Electric City is bustling with the arts! Go to a Broadway show at the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple or plan your trip around Scranton's Fringe Festival. Visit Lackawanna County to get big city entertainment without breaking the bank.
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A view of canoes lined around Lake Lackawanna at the Lackawanna State Park in PA.
Surrounding the city of Scranton are beautiful mountains and a vast countryside. Discover its natural beauty on any of our hiking trails, including the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail encompassing 70 miles! Zip-line on top of Montage Mountain Resorts for a sky-high view of the entire valley or find yourself kayaking the Lackawanna River; Lackawanna County provides numerous parks and activities for even the biggest outdoor fans.
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