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Nestled in the southwest corner of Lackawanna County, is the amazing town of Old Forge, PA. The town has been very successful in transitioning into a highly respected Mecca for Italian Cuisine and has attained the distinction of being regarded as the "Pizza Capital of the World."

The unique style of pizza, known as "Old Forge Pizza," is baked on a rectangular metal pan, where there are no "slices" but "cuts" instead, and you order it by the "tray" and not the "pie." Ask for a "pie" and you might get apple or blueberry! Each restaurant in the area offers its own slight variations between the pizza, with many offering both "red" and "white" pizzas.  Red pizza is a traditional regular crust, topped with tomato sauce and cheese, where white pizza is usually double-crusted, sauceless, a good amount of cheese oozing out, and topped with rosemary.


Lackawanna County Pizza Trail

Hungry for more? We have over 160 pizza shoppes throughout Lackawanna County, serving every variety of pizza you can think of. Take your own tour of the Lackawanna County Pizza Trail, and taste why these pizzerias were voted local favorites in 2020. We guarantee that these Old Forge pizzerias will be on the trail!


Old Forge Pizzerias


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