Summer Camp Open House & Free Kids Show: Balloonacy


Playhouse Division Open House for PK-5th Grade

11:30 AM-12:30 PM: Observe a CaPAA rehearsal, meet CaPAA Staff, and tour the historic Ritz Theater
12:30 PM: Crafts led by Miss Jordan
1:15 PM: Free children's shows - Balloonacy (40 minutes)

Open to all kids ages 4 and up. Reservations required.

BALLOONACY - In this wordless, situational comedy, The Old Man, who lives alone, prepares to celebrate his birthday. To his surprise, the solitary festivities are interrupted when a playful Red Balloon floats into his apartment, shaking up his normal routine. The Balloon teases and delights the Old Man, reminding him of the power of play, laughter, and friendship. Through spectacular physical comedy in the tradition of Charlie Chaplin, the two enjoy a surprising number of adventures.

Summer Camp Open House & Free Kids Show: Balloonacy