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Steamtown Excursion - Gouldsboro: Craft Show

Steamtown Excursion - Gouldsboro: Craft Show

Steamtown Excursion - Gouldsboro: Craft Show

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Gouldsboro - Craft Fair, Kids Activities, and Local Author Reading

Ride the train through the woods to the Gouldsboro train station and museum.

The station was built in 1905 when Gouldsboro was originally called Sand Cut, named by the railroad workers for the abundance of sand that was found while constructing the railroad tracks. Later, the town was renamed Gouldsboro after Jay Gould, an infamous robber baron who built a tannery in the area in 1856, later closing it in 1861 and moving into the business of monopolizing railroads of the west.

The station houses a museum, gift shop, covered pavilion, and restrooms; all handicap accessible. Gouldsboro is a CASH-ONLY station and venue with no ATM available. Please plan accordingly. 

The museum is filled with historical items regarding the railroad and the ice harvesting industry; visitors can stop by the gift shop to purchase gifts, photos, and other items; food will be available to purchase. 

Tickets for this event will be available on Saturday, April 20th, 2024. To purchase tickets for this Excursion, please visit Recreation.Gov.

NOTICE: Train rides are subject to cancellation due to mechanical issues, inclement weather, or crew availability.

2024 Summer Excursions (tickets available beginning Saturday, April 20th)


2024 Autumn Excursions (tickets available beginning Saturday, July 6th)

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