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Steamtown Excursion - East Stroudsburg: (F) East Stroudsburg

Steamtown Excursion - East Stroudsburg: (F) East Stroudsburg

Steamtown Excursion - East Stroudsburg: (F) East Stroudsburg

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Travel over the Pocono mountains to East Stroudsburg. Enjoy your layover by exploring restaurants, shops, green spaces, and touring the old railroad switch tower.

For many years, present East Stroudsburg seemed to be a nonentity, referred to as "the village across the creek" from Stroudsburg. The borough owes its inception and growth to two driving forces: Robert Brown and the railroad.

Robert Brown, who was later commissioned a brigadier general in the Civil War, recognized the value of rail service. In 1854, the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western (DL&W) railroad needed a link to connect with another railroad at Warren, New Jersey. Brown, a visionary, encouraged the railroad to come to the east side of Brodhead's Creek. He sold them his land needed for the right-of-way for one dollar. As part of the contract, Brown stipulated that every passenger train should make a stop in the village. Having succeeded in bringing the railroad to the community, he affixed his signature to a petition for the incorporation of East Stroudsburg.

The first railroad station was built in 1856 on the corner of present-day Washington and Crystal Streets. On May 13th of that year, the first passenger train stopped there while on its way from Philadelphia to Scranton.

The East Stroudsburg Railroad Tower was built in 1908 when the DL&W was making improvements and continued to function into the mid-1980s. By the year 1914, there were more than 4,000 railroad towers across the United States, many of which were made from concrete. The East Stroudsburg Railroad Tower is the only wooden tower still standing along DL&Ws route, and one of very few still standing in the United States. Passengers with an eye for detail may notice the remains of four concrete towers along the excursion route between Steamtown and East Stroudsburg.

Limited restroom facilities are available at the destination. Food and refreshments are available for purchase at local vendors and restaurants upon arrival.

Tickets for this event will be made available on April 1, 2023. To purchase tickets for this Excursion, please visit Recreation.Gov.

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