Railroad Movie night


The Lackawanna Historical Society will kick off Steamtown's Railfest 2017 weekend with a special night of railroad movies under the stars at the Circle Drive-In on Route 6 in Dickson City on Thursday, August 31. Admission is $7, and gates open at 7 pm.

Join the Lackawanna Historical Society as we celebrate Steamtown's Railfest 2017 weekend with a special night at the Drive-In of some of our favorite train movies: "Unstoppable" and "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory."

"Unstoppable" is a 2010 American disaster thriller film directed and produced by Tony Scott in his final film as director before his death in 2012. The film stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. The film, loosely based on the real-life CSX 8888 incident, tells the story of a runaway freight train and the two men who attempt to stop it.

"Under Siege 2" is a 1995 American action film set on board a train traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Los Angeles. Directed by Geoff Murphy, it stars Steven Seagal as the ex- Navy SEAL, Casey Ryback, and is the sequel to the 1992 film "Under Siege." The title refers to the railroading term that the subject train was travelling through dark territory, a section of railroad track that has no train signals and in which communications between train dispatchers and the engineers were impossible.


Railroad Movie night