Holiday Express Train Rides


Clear off the Thanksgiving table scraps and set the dishes in the sink. This train is bound for Santa's Station, near the North Pole. Meet Santa Claus and let him know what you wish to be under the tree or in your stocking this Christmas. You can also make a festive ornament, write a letter to Santa, and get in the holiday spirit with toy trains and other goings on when the train makes a visit to the station. 

Two trains run this day, with one departing at 9:30 AM and the second train departing at 1:30 PM. Boarding begins 30 minutes before departure. 

Tickets are available beginning October 10, 2018. You may purchase with a credit card over the phone at (570)340-5204 between 9:00 and 4:00. You can also purchase in person at our ticket and information booth. 

$24.00 for adults
$22.00 for seniors aged 62 and up.
$17.00 for children aged 6-15. Ages 5 and under need a no-cost ticket. 


Holiday Express Train Rides
  • to
  • Steamtown National Historic Site
  • Park admission free; train ride fares extra cost ($24/$22/$17)