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Gebiya Sacred Drum Circle

Gebiya Sacred Drum Circle

Gebiya Sacred Drum Circle

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Join Christopher & Rachel at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary for a Gebiya Sacred Drum Circle!

There is power in drumming alone, but that power recombines and multiplies on many simultaneous levels in a group of drummers. The drums draw individual energies together, unifying them into a consolidated force.

Drumming with others brings with it many benefits. Taking part in a drumming circle attunes you to the invisible energy that exists between yourself while uniting everyone in a common purpose. Drumming can be relaxing as well as energizing. It quiets mental chatter and can create a peaceful meditative state. In Navajo lore, the drum is the Great Spirit's favorite instrument. It is said that this is why all human beings were given a heartbeat. The rhythmic beating of a drum can move us into new realms of consciousness. There is no right or wrong way to drum, and everyone has the innate ability to create rhythm. When you drum with intention, you'll discover the rhythms that move you. Join Indraloka Animal Sanctuary for this peaceful and powerful event.

Bring a drum, rattle, or shaker. Some will be provided for those who don't have one.

You can purchase tickets for this event here.

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