Every year in late winter, Montage Mountain Resorts hosts the ultimate party of the year with the 2-day extravaganza known as Mountainfest. This festival is a celebration that ties together live music, outdoor activities, and local vendors for a weekend of pure fun while surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of Montage Mountain. Whether you come with your family, a group of your closest friends, or on a solo adventure to make some new acquaintances and memories, Mountainfest has something for everyone to enjoy. Grab your coat, lace up your boots, and join us as we spend the weekend jamming out, laughing, and playing in the snow!


What to Expect at Mountainfest

From the moment you arrive at Montage Mountain Resorts, you’ll immediately feel the energy buzzing all around you. Mountainfest is the weekend everyone looks forward to all year! Just outside the lodge and rental areas is where you’ll find the incredible Mountainfest music lineups jamming away all weekend long. You can head to the area near the parking lot known as Midland, where you can decompress with some delicious specialty sandwiches from the Sammie Shed while warming up by the fire and listening to the live acts playing on the stage here.

Mountainfest at Montage Mountain Resorts

One of the biggest highlights of Mountainfest is without a doubt Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic, where participants race down the snowy slopes in homemade sleds, fashioned only out of cardboard, glue, tape, and string! The Cardboard Classic, hosted by Preston & Steve from WMMR 93.3, is definitely an entertaining way to kick off the weekend and will likely spark some inspiration within! Going into the weekend as prepared as can be also ensures you’ll have the best time possible. Buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid complications, dress in layers for the mountain weather, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen! If you decide to come a few days before the fest or extend your visit after it ends, Montage Mountain Resorts has it all – 26 trails to shred, one of the longest snow tubing areas in the state, and an awesome bar and restaurant where you can defrost and unwind.


Have the Weekend of Your Dreams at Mountainfest

Montage Mountain Mountainfest

Mountainfest is much more than just a festival; it's a celebration of music, the outdoors, adventure, and community. With its incredibly beautiful mountain backdrop and a wide variety of activities, Mountainfest provides an unforgettable experience to all who attend. When this festival isn’t going on, Montage Mountain Resorts keeps the excitement going all year long by hosting a diverse lineup of events like the Spring Brewfest, Spring Winefest, Archery Fest, NEPA Yoga Festival, Lackawanna County Heritage Fair, Halloween Party & $5,000 Costume Contest, Fall Wine Festival, and the Rhythm & Brews Festival to name a few. Whether you're racing down the slopes in the Cardboard Classic or watching from the sidelines, dancing and singing to the live music, or shopping the many local vendors, there's always something to see and do at Mountainfest. As you soak in the electric atmosphere and spectacular surroundings of northeastern Pennsylvania, you'll immediately understand why this is such a beloved event. Get your tickets and mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on the exciting, snowy wonderland that is Mountainfest!