Electric City Roasting Company

  • Address: 1201A Marshwood Rd., Throop, PA 18512
  • Phone: 570-558-2233

At Electric City Roasting, we can show the consumer where a bag or a cup of coffee is from as we purchase certain coffee direct from farms. We utilize the importer and exporters guarantee that of the price we pay for coffee, no less than 80% goes directly to the farm. We designate projects to help educate laborers by direct funds for a Panamanian child to attend school. We provide funds for specific projects at a designated school used by the children of the laborers in Costa Rica. We also give funds for coffee farming technology, such as certain shade trees in coffee farms in Guatemala. At Electric City Roasting Company, we strive to trace every bag of coffee we purchase directly to the farms. We are committed to our goal of closing the loop; to make sure that every bag we buy and cup we sell helps the farmer, laborer and aid in education and reduction of poverty in the world.