City of Carbondale

  • Address: City Hall - 1 North Main Street, Carbondale, PA 18407
  • Phone: (570) 282-4633

Tucked away fifteen miles northeast of Scranton, Pennsylvania, you’ll find a captivating city of historic charms and hidden treasures. Carbondale, known as “The Pioneer City,” was the spark that ignited the Industrial Revolution more than a century ago. City founders led the way to unearth the site of the First Deep Underground Coalmine in the United States, giving rise to the industry and economic force that has shaped our region for generations.  Centrally located, Carbondale promotes a true community in every sense. As we grow our neighborhoods to provide a sound quality of life and revitalize a vibrant Main Street into a busy, thriving district, the City of Carbondale holds close its rich history that gave birth to one of the most prosperous chapters in American history.